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Maximizing Your Sales Price

Pricing a home for sale is delicate as homes priced too high don’t sell, and homes priced too low bring seller regret as they can sell the first hours of being placed on the market.  While pricing your Palm Springs home competitively is important, there are ways to maximize your sales price. Have a look.


No home will bring top dollar if it is not clean.   Your home needs to appear as though you’ve taken a great deal of pride in the home to show it is a valuable asset.  Wash the walls, get all the grime out of the kitchen and baths and make the home sparkle and shine.


Buyers typically want a home that is move in ready.  So, if you have hot pink bathrooms, purple bedroom walls and so on, the home is likely not move-in ready for a majority of home buyers as they will need to paint the home before they are comfortable in it.  Neutralize the home with neutral colors, appealing to a majority of homebuyers.

Add Homey Touches

Fresh flowers in the entry, a nice warm plate of cookies in the kitchen, the smell of fresh laundry, and so on all provide a “home sweet home” feel and go a long way when selling your home.


De-personalizing a home allows potential homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home as it allows homebuyers to build an emotional connection to the home, seeing the home as theirs.


Remove one-third of the contents of the home as maximizing space creates the illusion of a bigger home.  Pull furniture away from the walls and arrange the furniture nicely in each room, showcasing the purpose of the room.  If your furniture is old and shabby, store it away and rent furniture while your home is on the market.


Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Organize for a Quick Sell

When selling your home, appearance is everything.  Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer faster than grimy bathrooms, or oily kitchens; therefore, your home is not market ready until you have cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized and organized until it sparkles and shines.

Gather boxes and a felt market to begin to sort your items.  Label the different boxes “Charity”, “Store”, “Garage Sale” and “Filing”.  Also, have bags for items that you intend to through away.

Start in the back of the house, tackling one room at a time and move forward.  In each room begin to sort out the junk items from the charity items to the garage sale items and so on.  Begin to de-personalize and de-clutter the room, storing family photos and clothes away.

Clear all the countertops as all countertops should be clear with the exception of a few attractive items.  For instance, scented soaps and hand towels in the bathroom and a plate of fresh baked cookies and a cookbook by the stove.

Clean out all closets, cupboards and drawers.

Get all the boxes out of the house.  Items packed in boxes you intend to store place in a storage shed, the attic or the basement, items you intend to give to charity take to charity and so on.  Your home should be as clutter free as possible.

Get a scrub brush, some vinegar and a pale of water and begin to wash the walls, countertops and all surfaces of the room until all grime is removed and the room sparkles and shines.

De-odorize. Once you have cleaned, and de-cluttered, then shampoo your carpets and clean the floors.  Your home should smell fresh.  If it doesn’t, the day of the showing, brew a strong pot of coffee and a fresh batch of cookies, which are both wonderful way to mask odors.  Also, open the windows and let the fresh air and light in.