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Most Desirable Features in a Home

Of homes on the market that tend to sell faster, most have desirable features homebuyers seek.  While this doesn’t mean you have to upgrade your home, it does mean you may be able to accentuate features already present in the home; or, if you plan on upgrading your home, upgrade wisely, choosing upgrades that are important to homebuyers.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, there are certain features in a home US homebuyers search for, such as a home that are Internet ready.  Other top features in a US home for sale include cable and satellite TV.

One top priority homebuyers reported was to purchase a home with air conditioning, and among homebuyers who claimed air conditioning was a top priority, 85 percent purchased a home with air conditioning.

So, what are a few other important features in a home according to US homebuyers polled in the survey?  Three bedrooms and two full baths were specific features in a home, as well as walk-in closets.

The National Association of Realtors also reported features buyers look for include:

One story homes

Homes with 9 foot ceilings or higher

Eat-in kitchens

Homes with larger closets

Homes with larger kitchens

Homes with plenty of storage space


Another interesting tidbit is that most features homeowners seek; they do purchase homes with features, such as homes with walk-in closets.

So, if you plan on upgrading your home, consider the top features homebuyers look for in a home as they may help to enhance a quicker sell.  If you already have features like large closets, than expand on them, such as adding lighting in the closet and / or organizers, making the closets more appealing.


Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Organize for a Quick Sell

When selling your home, appearance is everything.  Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer faster than grimy bathrooms, or oily kitchens; therefore, your home is not market ready until you have cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized and organized until it sparkles and shines.

Gather boxes and a felt market to begin to sort your items.  Label the different boxes “Charity”, “Store”, “Garage Sale” and “Filing”.  Also, have bags for items that you intend to through away.

Start in the back of the house, tackling one room at a time and move forward.  In each room begin to sort out the junk items from the charity items to the garage sale items and so on.  Begin to de-personalize and de-clutter the room, storing family photos and clothes away.

Clear all the countertops as all countertops should be clear with the exception of a few attractive items.  For instance, scented soaps and hand towels in the bathroom and a plate of fresh baked cookies and a cookbook by the stove.

Clean out all closets, cupboards and drawers.

Get all the boxes out of the house.  Items packed in boxes you intend to store place in a storage shed, the attic or the basement, items you intend to give to charity take to charity and so on.  Your home should be as clutter free as possible.

Get a scrub brush, some vinegar and a pale of water and begin to wash the walls, countertops and all surfaces of the room until all grime is removed and the room sparkles and shines.

De-odorize. Once you have cleaned, and de-cluttered, then shampoo your carpets and clean the floors.  Your home should smell fresh.  If it doesn’t, the day of the showing, brew a strong pot of coffee and a fresh batch of cookies, which are both wonderful way to mask odors.  Also, open the windows and let the fresh air and light in.


How Paint Influences Your Mood

Knowing how colors influences the personalities and moods of potential home buyers can be a selling tool when selling your Coachella Valley home.  Wise choices in colors can set the scene for a buying mood.

Colors have three basic ways in which they behave- passive, active and neutral.  Light colors are airy and expansive, giving the illusion of more space in a room, while dark colors are sophisticated and warm and offer an intimate touch in a room.

Colors and How They May Trigger Senses and Moods

Blue:  Blue is said to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and a wonderful choice for homeowners when trying to create a serene and calming atmosphere in a room.

Yellow:  Yellow is a happy color and one that is a wonderful choice of color in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms.  Yellow also provides the illusion of space.  However, too much yellow can trigger frustration and anger.

Red:  Red is a color that stimulates conversations, senses and excitement and a color that is strong and makes an impressive first impression, provided it is used tastefully and appropriately.

Purple:  Purple is a sophisticated, dramatic and rich color and one that is a good choice in a room where an atmosphere of creativity and luxury are trying to be created.

Green:  Green is a color that is great choice for any room and a color that stimulates different senses.  In the living room it offers relaxation and a sense of unwinding, while in kitchens, it offers a cooling feel.  Green is also known as a stress reliever, making it idea for bedrooms and bathrooms, as well.

Orange:  Orange is a color that create excitement, energy and enthusiasm and a good choice in rooms, such as exercise rooms; however, it is a poor choice in bedrooms and living rooms.


What Are the Best Home Improvements for Top Dollar?

Some home improvements yield a higher return on investment than others, and before you remodel your home for comfort or resell you should consider the value the improvement will add to your home.
A fresh coat of paint is about one of the best home improvements and a high return on investment. In fact, you can expect the return rate to be as much as two times your investment.
An outdated kitchen not only takes from the comfort of your home, many homebuyers won’t consider a home with an outdated kitchen unless it is priced at least $50K below market value. Homeowners can expect a kitchen improvement to yield about 85 percent return on investment. Experts claim the best means to maximize your return on investment is by limiting the cost of the project to 20 percent of the value of your home.
Like the kitchen, an outdated bathroom will turn homebuyers away, making this another home improvement project with high returns on investment. The typical bathroom upgrade will yield about 80 percent of your investment.
Decks add comfort and appeal to a home and are a great home improvement project to investment in with a return of as much as 80 percent. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
Siding that is in bad shape should be replaced unless you plan on selling your home “As Is”. Siding typically costs about $10K for an average sized home and will yield a return of no less than 80 percent.
Window Replacement
Window replacement will update the home, lower energy costs and add to your resell value. The typical return on investment in a window replacement improvement is at least 70 percent.