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Maximizing Your Sales Price

Pricing a home for sale is delicate as homes priced too high don’t sell, and homes priced too low bring seller regret as they can sell the first hours of being placed on the market.  While pricing your Palm Springs home competitively is important, there are ways to maximize your sales price. Have a look.


No home will bring top dollar if it is not clean.   Your home needs to appear as though you’ve taken a great deal of pride in the home to show it is a valuable asset.  Wash the walls, get all the grime out of the kitchen and baths and make the home sparkle and shine.


Buyers typically want a home that is move in ready.  So, if you have hot pink bathrooms, purple bedroom walls and so on, the home is likely not move-in ready for a majority of home buyers as they will need to paint the home before they are comfortable in it.  Neutralize the home with neutral colors, appealing to a majority of homebuyers.

Add Homey Touches

Fresh flowers in the entry, a nice warm plate of cookies in the kitchen, the smell of fresh laundry, and so on all provide a “home sweet home” feel and go a long way when selling your home.


De-personalizing a home allows potential homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home as it allows homebuyers to build an emotional connection to the home, seeing the home as theirs.


Remove one-third of the contents of the home as maximizing space creates the illusion of a bigger home.  Pull furniture away from the walls and arrange the furniture nicely in each room, showcasing the purpose of the room.  If your furniture is old and shabby, store it away and rent furniture while your home is on the market.


How Paint Influences Your Mood

Knowing how colors influences the personalities and moods of potential home buyers can be a selling tool when selling your Coachella Valley home.  Wise choices in colors can set the scene for a buying mood.

Colors have three basic ways in which they behave- passive, active and neutral.  Light colors are airy and expansive, giving the illusion of more space in a room, while dark colors are sophisticated and warm and offer an intimate touch in a room.

Colors and How They May Trigger Senses and Moods

Blue:  Blue is said to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and a wonderful choice for homeowners when trying to create a serene and calming atmosphere in a room.

Yellow:  Yellow is a happy color and one that is a wonderful choice of color in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms.  Yellow also provides the illusion of space.  However, too much yellow can trigger frustration and anger.

Red:  Red is a color that stimulates conversations, senses and excitement and a color that is strong and makes an impressive first impression, provided it is used tastefully and appropriately.

Purple:  Purple is a sophisticated, dramatic and rich color and one that is a good choice in a room where an atmosphere of creativity and luxury are trying to be created.

Green:  Green is a color that is great choice for any room and a color that stimulates different senses.  In the living room it offers relaxation and a sense of unwinding, while in kitchens, it offers a cooling feel.  Green is also known as a stress reliever, making it idea for bedrooms and bathrooms, as well.

Orange:  Orange is a color that create excitement, energy and enthusiasm and a good choice in rooms, such as exercise rooms; however, it is a poor choice in bedrooms and living rooms.