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How Paint Influences Your Mood

Knowing how colors influences the personalities and moods of potential home buyers can be a selling tool when selling your Coachella Valley home.  Wise choices in colors can set the scene for a buying mood.

Colors have three basic ways in which they behave- passive, active and neutral.  Light colors are airy and expansive, giving the illusion of more space in a room, while dark colors are sophisticated and warm and offer an intimate touch in a room.

Colors and How They May Trigger Senses and Moods

Blue:  Blue is said to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and a wonderful choice for homeowners when trying to create a serene and calming atmosphere in a room.

Yellow:  Yellow is a happy color and one that is a wonderful choice of color in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms.  Yellow also provides the illusion of space.  However, too much yellow can trigger frustration and anger.

Red:  Red is a color that stimulates conversations, senses and excitement and a color that is strong and makes an impressive first impression, provided it is used tastefully and appropriately.

Purple:  Purple is a sophisticated, dramatic and rich color and one that is a good choice in a room where an atmosphere of creativity and luxury are trying to be created.

Green:  Green is a color that is great choice for any room and a color that stimulates different senses.  In the living room it offers relaxation and a sense of unwinding, while in kitchens, it offers a cooling feel.  Green is also known as a stress reliever, making it idea for bedrooms and bathrooms, as well.

Orange:  Orange is a color that create excitement, energy and enthusiasm and a good choice in rooms, such as exercise rooms; however, it is a poor choice in bedrooms and living rooms.